Tim Troxel

Entrepreneur Spirited. Start-Up Centered. Developmentally Motivated. Visionary Thinker.

Tim started as an entrepreneur at a young age, incorporating his first business at the age of 15. At the age of 18 he joined a software startup, followed by his brokering of a purchase of that company three years later. He remained at the company for a total of 17 years, achieving consistent, stable growth. Tim has been involved with the startup of several other businesses, helping and guiding them through the process of beginning. 

Tim is a startup specialist. He is passionate for developing vision while connecting details required for implementation, all based on a sound understanding of business and leadership principles. Tim is devoted to leadership development and growth. He enjoys working with leaders to further their leadership skills and abilities while positively impacting their organization. Everything he has done centers around a principle of personal responsibility and finding the β€œand” that seeks to find a win for all parties involved. While working with a broad range of clients, Tim specializes in payroll and software technology.

Tim now makes Florida his home with frequent trips to the Midwest. He enjoys playing the piano and many outdoor activities, including hiking and has run more than 85 marathons/ultramarathons.